Monday, June 20, 2011

The Kids Drawer - restoring order

 If your child is old enough and willing to help, get them to help you with this project.

A kids drawer that gets regularly rummaged in can quickly become so messy it's almost impossible to find anything.

Here is a girl's pajama and undergarment drawer.

The first step is to take everything out of the drawer. Sort it all into piles by type. Take anything with holes or any odd socks out and place them to the side.

Pick out the items in the very best condition to keep. Put all the excess items to the side. These will go in the trash or fabric recycling. The thrift stores will not want worn out undergarments.

The next step is to count how many pairs of socks, tights, underpants etc. there are and decide, depending on your washing facilities, how many of these items your child realistically needs.

Try to find a couple of boxes around the house to contain some of the harder-to-control items like socks and tights. Shoe boxes, cut down cereal boxes and old gift boxes will all do. These old Ikea foldaway boxes cost very little and are still in use 4 years after purchase.

 Pack the messier items into whatever boxes you have available and assemble all the items you have decided to keep.

 If there is any chance of the odd socks eventually being reunited put them in a separate bag, a plastic sandwich bag is used in the picture, if you have younger children it is safer to use a paper or cloth bag or a small cardboard box. This container will go back in the drawer.

Put everything you are keeping back in the drawer. Ah, isn't that better. It will be easier for your child to keep their things tidy now there is some order. Show them what you have done, if they haven't been helping you, and explain how much easier it will make it for them.

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