Dos and Don'ts

Do take on new projects one at a time.

Do focus on small areas of your house. It will all add up eventually

Do take breaks.

Do try to take out all trash and recycling and at least get items for donation into
the car before beginning a new organizing project.

Do tidy up before you start a new project so that you have room to work.

Do make your bed and pick things up off the floor every day.

Do try to complete your minimum daily tasks at a similar time every day, running the dishwasher and the washing machine for example.

Do write down appointments as soon as you make them or find out about them.

Do open mail as soon as you bring it in, put junk mail in the recycling as soon as you get it.

Do keep your keys in the same designated place all the time.

Do keep hold of empty containers that look like they could come in handy for organizing your things.

Don't let yourself become overwhelmed by how much you need to get done.

Don't become so fixated on a project that you don't allow yourself to take breaks or live your regular life.

Don't let negative or defeatist thoughts stop you from achieving what you have set out to do.

Don't start a project so big you cannot hope to finish it in a day. Set a smaller goal. Just do a corner of the attic, not the entire attic.

Don't collect too many empty containers, then you will have empty container clutter.