Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Towel Folding

It may sound terribly simple, but folding your towels in the right way can save a lot of space and looks much nicer.

This tutorial shows you how to fold towels and pillow cases so that your linen closet has room to spare and looks presentable when opened.

I would apologize for the atrocious state of our towels, but lets not dwell on that as this is about organizing on a budget after all. They certainly look less scruffy once they are folded neatly.

Here is a before photo of four towels on a shelf, they have been folded and stacked but they are not looking their best or making the best use of the space.

These towels all need to be re-folded in the following way:

1. Fold in half like this.

2. Then fold in half again bringing the fold at the top down to meet the bottom edges.

3. Once you have this long rectangle, take the left edge and fold it in one third of the way.

4. Now take the right edge and fold to the left making a neat rectangle.

5. Stack the towels with a folded edge facing forwards so you don't see any of the towel edges.

6. Now repeat with your remaining towels.  Ahh, doesn't that feel better.

This also works very well for pillow cases.

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